still Pitchin` the Bitch … what The DiamonD could be if on TV

The DiamonD

by Devlin De La Chapa

TV Series Pitch




An ex-prostitute and sex trafficking victim named DiamonD muscles her way with guts and Glocks into building a west coast criminal empire with the help of pimps, hustlers and hos all beneath the glitz and glam of Hollywood in this epic urban shock-drama series.

Music cues:  Mariahlynn’s Once Upon A Time is playing in the background.

On cue:  The DiamonD opens to one of the last and final episodes of the series with DiamonD walking down an expansive white corridor surrounded by white marble pillars with gold trimming and matching floors.  The room is bright.  It’s mid-afternoon.  DiamonD, the lead character in the series, is wearing a skinny white double-breasted pantsuit and gold stilettos.  Her make-up is flawless.  Her jewelry screams Cartier.  Her signature calico blond big curled hair springs with every step she takes.  Her confidence is high.  Her aura commands respect.  She is surrounded by a group of gorgeous, yet deadly men; and like DiamonD, they take no shit; this is her crew.

Music fades out slowly with DiamonD’s voice coming to narrate just as she and her crew are walking into a luxurious private room where a distinct group of high-powered gentlemen are seated around a conference table.

“There are two types of criminals in this world:  Those who are born into it and those who are bred.  My name is DiamonD.  I’m twenty-three years-old, and unfortunately, I was born to be a criminal.  But once upon a time things hadn’t always been as they are now.  For once upon a time I was a whore.  A prostitute.  A sex slave.  I had pimps and worked for men of organized power.  I had been raped more times than I could count.  Beaten to the point of death.  And subjected to unspeakable horrors.  I saw no end until the day I was given hope.  Given a new life.  Given freedom.  Everything was good up until I was deceived and forced back into a life of prostitution.  Enraged over the deception, I decided to take matters into my own hands and vowed revenge on the one who deceived me.  But then I fell in love with a hustler, became partners with a couple of pimps, and befriended a few hos, and together we muscled our way from Hollywood Boulevard and into a family of crime where I eventually got my revenge and became the Boss.  Now I have an empire called The DiamonD.  And I am Hollywood’s notorious Pimp.  And this new life has become my happily ever after.   And if you think a bitch can’t run her own empire, I say. . .‘Fuck you!  Just watch me!”

DiamonD’s narration fades.  Music cues back to Mariahlynn’s Once Upon A Time with DiamonD taking her seat at the head of the conference table.  She leans back in her leather chair and smiles straight into the camera.  And it’s a smile cold enough to chill the bones of any man who dares to take her empire.  For according to DiamonD:  Hell shall hath no fury like a whore scorned.

So, I say to you this:  If you can visualize the above as a bonafide Network TV series with mega-hit potential then there really is no reason to further view this pitch as it’s all just fillers from here.  But if you must [because it’s a requirement] then Godspeed and I’ll see you on the opposite end of your empire signing my Contract.


The Pitch Bitch

I think if Jackie Collins were alive today she’d either be Santangelously disappointed or she’d just down right shoot me for being an insult to the integrity of all lady bosses trying to show that a woman can run a criminal empire without sprouting a gray hair, breaking a French manicured nail, ruining a pair of Louboutin’s and still be able to have dinner ready by 6 p.m. because her argument would be somewhere along the lines of “How can you write a ten book series about a twentysomething-year-old-drop-dead-gorgeous-calico-blond-chain-smoking-whiskey-drinking-Glock-toting-bad-ass-bitch-in-6” stilettos who runs her own empire but can’t write a pitch?”  My response:  “Hey, nobody’s perfect, Jackie-O!  I mean, and unfortunately, the world is full of assholes with opinions and yours is no exception!”  And then this is where Jackie would bitch slap me, or perhaps, bitch slap some sense into me.

And. . .Wow!  Could it be that I just made a pitch?

Okay, I know I’m reaching with that last statement.  But I will admit that The DiamonD does have a Jackie Collins’-esq/Linda La Plante vibe to it but it`s just a vibe as our worlds and our style of writing really don’t come close just the idea of lady bosses existing in novels but not enough to carry into a long running series as it had been for both Authors to which I believe this is where The DiamonD could undoubtedly surpass that stereotypical of mainstream media solely focused on a man`s world and shift that focus on a woman’s world, particularly one in power even if it is sex.  I mean, let’s fucking face it…women for decades have been bitching and protesting and verbalizing over the idea that they can do a man’s job better than a man so why not start here?  Though there’s nothing legit about this series, and though I’m sure this isn’t exactly what they [the women] had in mind because it’s based on sex, it’s still a good start.  If not, I’d say “Screw ‘em!” do the fucking series anyway!

So, let’s talk about DiamonD for a moment and what she might have to offer as far as television is concerned and who – from what you’ve just gathered thus far – obviously isn’t your average post-high school grad in lieu of a college crises because she can’t decide on which college to attend or wondering if her roommate is going to be a “mean girl” and strangle her in her sleep because she’s a constant reminder to how the “mean girl” was once actually nice?  No.  No.  No.  The best way to describe DiamonD is to compare her to a 1984 movie flick titled “Angel”.  DiamonD is the new breed of Angel and DiamonD wasn’t prostituting to fund a high school education but rather pretending to find her sister – a forged-on-paper-legally-adopted “daughter”  – who was rumored to be prostituting for a gang of sex-traffickers after she was kidnapped, and where DiamonD eventually ends up prostituting herself to survive (survival sex for all you Prostitution for Dummies) until she learns the truth of her sister’s abduction forcing her to swear revenge on the people responsible – which in this case would be her father – who is also a crime boss.  But instead of finding her sister, DiamonD instead ends up building a sex empire.

Now DiamonD has this empire called The DiamonD and it is the west coast’s biggest adversary amongst other organizations and cartels.  And as of this moment, she is Hollywood’s biggest “Pimpboss” – a person who is both a pimp and a boss to a sex organization.  Her world doesn’t revolve around the distribution of drugs, drug traffickers, gang-related territories, arms dealing or Mafioso style crimes – though the practice is there – but rather prostitution and everything that pertains to it from pimps to prostitutes to baby hos to hustlers, musclers, and sex traffickers; all blended with a bit of war over power and position within the sex trade.  But as with any organization or crime family, DiamonD has to deal with all around “fuck you!” attitudes and bullshit drama; the threat of contracts on her head; other organizations trying to muscle her out; indirect unsanctioned hits; Glocks pointed at her face; relatives trying to seduce her man with hos trying to steal her man all while trying to keep her sanity from slipping into insanity and becoming one of those bosses who flies high, fucks hard and then dies all before their 40th birthday or finding themselves in therapy like Tony Soprano did before he got whacked.

But before we venture into DiamonD’s empire sometime in the 3rd Season, let’s start with the 1st Season.

The Setting … for this series it’s quite obvious:  Hollywood, California with an occasional trip to Las Vegas, New Orleans, Atlantic City, Arizona, Washington. . .the North Pacific Ocean because The DiamonD does have a yacht and a chopper to go with it; thanks to the generosity of a mob boss’s betraying nephew.  And since The DiamonD was formed in DiamonD’s kitchenette motel room on Hollywood Boulevard in Tai Town managed by an anti-gay racist Chinese woman who refers to DiamonD in broken English as “So, you like one of ‘em. . .eh. . .girlie girls from the night, eh?” I just think it even more fitting.

The Tone Part 1 … honestly, I cannot think of a TV series that would match The DiamonD’s tone where sex or the trade of it is worth going to war over and dying for.  The semblance could be the Godfather “Trading-up” its gambling and political empire and muscling out “Baby”, “Deuce” and “Harlots” who were born somewhere near the 21st century.  Definitely not your, “Girlfriend Experience” unless you can handle bullets from an insulted pimp knocking at your door which is what this series is really about.

The Tone Part 2 … Attitude, first and foremost, as everyone is a potential threat for some form of hostile takeover (example, position in The DiamonD Family).  Edgy, because everyone either chain smokes or drinks or curses or carries a Glock or does all of thee aforementioned to ease their temperaments.  Opinionated like assholes, because they all have one, yet no one ever sits on a toilet – again, this is Hollywood.  Sexual, because all my characters are gorgeous right down to the “hos” and “hustlers” being pimped; the pheromones are always high and someone is always, always getting laid.  Hard-core, meaning, no member is afraid to catch a bullet or pull a trigger or put their fist to a face.  Darkly humored, because there is the occasional humor to which I will quote Tommy O, a 16 year old hustler and DiamonD’s half-brother:  “I can utilize my body in other ways to make money, Jane.  It’s not always “bareback” and gloomy with me; occasionally there is sunshine. Enough said!

Character Appeal … because this is Hollywood and no one is “ugly” – per se – in Hollywood, The DiamonD’s entire cast is either drop-dead gorgeous, all around gorgeous or just gorgeous, and I quote Shane Diamond, DiamonD’s husband who gave DiamonD a helmet to wear when he first biked her back to her kitchenette motel room on his Ducati pre-marital:  “Can’t ruin our pretty faces.  No one fucks ugly!”  Ain’t that the truth!

The DiamonD Characterspresent and future

Anna Jane Parker, now DiamonD was just 14 when she was forced into prostitution and sex trafficking until she was rescued at the age of 17 but soon fell back into the Life as a renegade prostitute on the Tracks of Hollywood Boulevard in search of her sister.  Once harboring a weakness for girls forced into the sex trade, DiamonD never for once thought she’d ever be on the pimping end of the trade until she was forced to build an organization to take revenge on her father for a deception nor muscling out other organizations threatening to capitalize on Hollywood’s sex-trade all while slowly becoming an underground Pimpboss.  Though married to Shane Diamond – who DiamonD sometimes obsesses over but unconditionally loves – which at times proves to be more stressful than stressless, particularly when she’s faced with women and hos threatening her marriage on a day-to-day basis, tries to maintain balance between fidelity and business which at times feels like a losing sexual battle.

Shane Diamond, age 25, was just shy of turning 13 when his father supposedly caught him in a blasphemous act with another boy.  Enraged over the incident, Shane was forced to pack a bag where he was then later driven to the state line.  With no more than $200 bucks in his pocket, Shane bused his way to L.A. eventually ending up in Boys Town and becoming one of Boys Town’s most sought after gorgeous hustlers with an “associates” degree in muscling for one of Las Vegas’s ex-underground top mob bosses.  Though Shane desired to get out of hustling to pursue something more productive instead ends up meeting DiamonD and instantly falls in love with her.  Willing to stake his entire life on DiamonD, including her plot to seek revenge on her father in spite of him being a notorious Pimpboss, leaves his old life behind to pursue a new one with her which at times proves to be life threatening than a life experience.  Shane ultimately marries DiamonD and becomes more of her right-hand man and advisor rather than her husband and tends to interfere with his true feelings for her:  Should he love her, or should he shoot her? 

Dominic Ray, age 28, derives from the interbellum generation of his grandparents who conceived an underground organization dealing strictly with prostitution and sex trafficking.  Run entirely by his parents and his siblings, Dominic was just 11 years-old when his eldest brother initiated him into the business as a Romeo Pimp.  Though Dominic had no trouble acclimating himself to the business, there were times when he did find himself confused on what he was doing and so lessons had to be instilled thus forcing Dominic to grow up fast and mean and ruthless.  Dominic had never considered himself a monster until he met then 14 year-old Anna “Jane” Parker aka “DiamonD” whose resilience to be broken down by his harsh and violent punishments eventually had him second-guessing his beliefs as he would later go on to become one of DiamonD’s most important men in her life.  Never one for love and romance, Dominic did have a Bonnie to his Clyde when he was 15 and he did manage to fall in love with DiamonD where he continues to secretly remain in love with her, yet hoping to fall out of love with her someday.

Henry Church-Lucado, age 36, is a 3rd generation, self-appointed Romeo Pimp and Pimpboss of his own organization gifted by his father when he was 16 to keep him off the streets and to keep him loyal to what he was born to do; something Henry never wanted to do as his passion was in the casinos felt tables and reading books on gambling with nothing else mattering.  But because Henry was who he was in name only – a name he often feared disrespecting because he feared his father – was cursed with no other choice but to continue his father and his grandfather’s legacy, at the same time, becoming Dominic’s mentor for a brief time.  Having groomed many girls for both his and his father’s organizations, Henry ends up falling for one of the girl’s he buys, then after, marrying her only for him to end up falling out of love after he meets Jane – before she was DiamonD – and has sex with her.  But instead of Henry becoming Jane’s man, he instead becomes her business partner.

     Alec Pedraza is Shane’s ex-partner-in-hustling, the second most sought after gorgeous hustler in Boys Town and muscle to one of Las Vegas’s ex-underground top mob bosses and who isn`t afraid to knock a dick into the dirt.

Cristian De La Hoya a.k.a. Memo is a former Romeo Pimp turned ruffian after his organization was muscled out by a Czech boss, and the one responsible for stranding DiamonD, when she was Jane, in Hollywood.  Memo is also Shane’s rival when it comes to DiamonD since he and DiamonD have more than a handshake in common to which Memo uses to his advantage to get under Shane’s skin for personal gratification.

     Cesar De La Hoya is Memo’s cousin; a sexy blue-collar mechanic by day, carjacker and john by night who eventually dies.

     Carlos Hernandez is an ese and an ex-East L.A. gang member turned Gorilla Pimp who is kept by his two Pitbull like Bottom Bitches, esa sisters Sofia and Loren Mendez – both named after the famous actress Sofia Loren. 

     Lana Jackson was the Track’s once notoriously feared Bottom Bitch and who was also a right-hand man to Reggie, a CEO and Pimp Kingpin who controlled the majority of WeHo – West Hollywood – before he and Lana were taken down by DiamonD with Reggie getting whacked and Lana forced to act as DiamonD’s Bottom Bitch.

     Devin Diamond, Shane’s equally gorgeous and eldest brother with a knack for the great outdoors, traded in his hiking gear for an engraved Ruger to help protect his kid brother and his sister-in-law DiamonD.  He is eventually given a partnership in a string of strip clubs to manage for The DiamonD.

Blossom and Kitana “Kit” not exactly on the thinking levels as DiamonD in spite of the close relation in age, these two co-Baby Hos would rather spend their time partying and hustling even though they are an important part of The DiamonD; meaning, it was they who contributed to the onset of the organization by turning over an arsenal of guns and three million dollars to DiamonD after stealing a van belonging to their – and DiamonD`s – ex-pimps when the three were in the throes of escaping.

Manolo Munoz a.k.a. Mano, is a twin sleeved tattooed, hardcore looking ex-convict Latino with ties to some of the biggest cartels who ends up taking Cesar`s place in The DiamonD Family.

Elijah Diamond, Shane’s second and equally gorgeous eldest brother, leaves his recently acquired profession as a Lawyer in Seattle, Washington and trades in his law degree for a customized Glock gifted by their father and is given a seat in The DiamonD Family, as well as, equal partnership and management in The DiamonD’s string of strip clubs.

Jae Joon Diamond, the youngest and illegitimate brother of Diamond brother’s, Shane, Devin and Elijah, inadvertently becomes a member of The DiamonD after he proves his loyalty for blood despite his brothers’ refusal to accept him as family.

Pilot Summary

Now let’s talk about the Pilot that sets The DiamonD in motion after the production credits roll and after DiamonD gives a brief visual narrative of her past during the initial opening scene while she’s lying in the backseat of an SUV trembling beneath a ski mask; mouth duct taped; hands bounded.  It’s within the opening scene when the audience learns of DiamonD’s – who is still Jane at the moment – demise of how she was in the middle of intercepting a kidnapping on her sister when she inadvertently gets caught up.  A day after the kidnapping, Jane finds herself in San Diego under the microscope of a Pimp Kingpin and his crew who acquired Jane as a remnant from a Trade-up Auction of sex slave girls.  Jane is then instantly ordered to be “disposed of” by the pimp who becomes insulted after he strips Jane naked and sees the deception of her full manicured pubis mound.  But instead of Jane being disposed of she instead is taken to a dingy motel dive in east Hollywood by the hitman ordered to kill her; the same hitman responsible for kidnapping both Jane and her sister who goes by the street name “Memo”.  Memo befriends Jane with whiskey and cigarettes and a rumor that her sister is being pimped on the Hollywood Tracks by some bad people thus ultimately convincing Jane that the best way to get to her sister is by hitting the Tracks but not as an actual prostitute just as someone who looks like one.  Memo then coaches Jane on the Do’s and Don’ts of hustlin’, particularly if she gets hit on for a “date”.  After a night and a day of intense conversation, consensual sex and realizing that it’s not going to be easy rescuing her sister especially without an Exit Fee – to which Memo refuses to front and Jane refuses to call her family for – takes on an assumed identity, dyes her hair blond and transforms into “DiamonD”.  DiamonD, unaware of what awaits her, grips the pistol Memo gave her, yet never for once thinking on how her entire life was about to change, or how her personal agenda will practically become a “Ho-vine” calling-card thus attracting the most profanest of characters who will quickly become DiamonD’s crime family.  But in order for her to get there, DiamonD will have to first prove herself no matter the cost.

Potential Episodes

“The Test Run” – DiamonD hits the main strip and does a brief “test run” to get a feel for what she`s up against.  Unsatisfied, she decides to expand her search further west come morning.  Upon returning to her motel, DiamonD is swept into a passionate kiss by a guy who spares her from catching a case.  DiamonD returns to her room relieved, yet shaken up.

“Ho vs. Pimp” – The same guy who eluded DiamonD from the cops propositions her for a “date”; DiamonD agrees out of obligation.  DiamonD heads out to Hollywood Boulevard and ends up in a heated confrontation with a pimp and his bottom bitch – unbeknownst to DiamonD – that she just made enemies with a Pimp Kingpin.

“Sex and the DiamonD” – With no money and alone in Hollywood, DiamonD tackles “survival sex” which feels more like a relapse after having been rescued from a life of prostitution.  After a “date” with a married man in the company of his wife and a gorgeous globe trekker, DiamonD almost catches a case by an undercover cop, at the same time, is befriended by two Holly hos, Lia and Sierra.

“DiamonD Blues” – Anxiety and a bout of depression forces DiamonD to revisit portions of her past along with her sister’s kidnapping which involved Memo.  Refusing to let the past get the best of her or the idea of failure in finding her sister, DiamonD grasps her emotions and takes to the Tracks determined.

“Ho Drama” – DiamonD has a brief sexual encounter which makes her question her actions.  A Latina ho named Jessica becomes affronted when DiamonD stops on her turf but then the two rally against a John when both their lives are threatened.  Jessica gives DiamonD the name of a contact that might have info on her sister, Geena G.

“Track Heat” – DiamonD gets into a street fight with the Pimp Kingpin’s bottom bitch Lana.  Lia and Sierra keep DiamonD out of sight from the cops with DiamonD opening up to why she’s prostituting on the Tracks with Lia and Sierra suggesting she hit an area dubbed Boys Town and a Baby Ho pimp named Felix thus giving DiamonD hope.

“Pimp Hustle” – Carlos – an ex-gangster turned Gorilla Pimp – corners DiamonD in Lia and Sierra’s company with the intent of imposing a Fine on her which goes awry when DiamonD claims Memo to be her pimp.  To remain close in her search for her sister, DiamonD relocates to Tai Town.

“Where The Boys Are” – DiamonD takes a trip to Boys Town and searches for Felix and Geena G.  After days of searching and coming up empty and money going fast, DiamonD gets propositioned by a dyke named Cher to help “entertain” at a house party.  While in lieu of negotiations, DiamonD meets local hustlers, Shane and Alec with DiamonD falling instantly for Shane.

“Love & Hustle” – As DiamonD and Shane cozy up at the party, Shane senses trouble and they leave.  DiamonD discloses why she’s in Boys Town with Alec agreeing to set up a meeting between her and Felix.  Shane bikes DiamonD back to Tai Town where they receive word about Felix in agreement to meeting with DiamonD who expresses guilt over her feelings for Shane that begin to interfere with her sister’s search.

“A Will of Power” – After perusing his brothel in search of her sister – which also turns up empty – Felix attempts to extort money from DiamonD.  Alec, feeling insulted because of their history, almost puts DiamonD in the midst of gunplay.  DiamonD and Alec exchange heated words over her ties to prostitution prompting DiamonD to run away; vowing revenge on her father but not before running into Blossom and Kit; two girls who DiamonD helped escape slavery, and who – unbeknownst to DiamonD – are about to set her revenge in motion.

The DiamonD book series Synopsis in 120 seconds – give or take or add

DiamonD:  Chapter One (Season 1) – After a deception that leaves her stranded in Hollywood, Jane transforms into “DiamonD“ and takes to the Tracks as a chain-smoking-whiskey-drinking-drop-dead-gorgeous-ho with a personal agenda that quickly goes awry after encountering a bit of ho`drama, pimps trying to sweat her and true love with a hustler.

DiamonDs:  Chapter Two (Season 2) – DiamonD, aka “Jane“, muscles her way beneath the glitz & glam of Hollywood`s seedy sex business with the help of hos, hustlers and pimps to further her agenda into building her own sex-trade empire as revenge for the deception that left her stranded in Hollywood.

The DiamonD:  Chapter Three (Season 3) – With DiamonD and her diverse crew of “partners“ having seized majority control over Hollywood`s sex trade industry – which also includes the deceptionist`s, aka her father`s hoard of sex slave girls – DiamonD learns that her previous and personal agenda, a 13 year-old adopted sister, has fallen out of the hands of the Cartel who she personally waged war upon to rescue her sister and into the hands of a meticulous Las Vegas Pimpboss. Though not directly in the hands of her new pimp as of yet as DiamonD`s sister is in lieu of a “drop“, it will be up to DiamonD and her partners to try and negotiate a Trade-Up prior to the drop, but if failed, could lead to a war ruining DiamonD and her organization indefinitely.

The DiamonD:  BLOOD (Season 4) – Sometimes blood deserves a little war, particularly if the blood is family. . .and DiamonD is about to become “public enemy #1“ after her father learns that she and her organization have taken control of his L.A. sex business. But as DiamonD`s father struggles to get his hands on her for personal gratification, DiamonD finds herself struggling with her own personal demons which include a whoring stint in Vegas, a dark secret from her past, a boyish hustler she once pimped and a contract on her head with war becoming inevitable.

The DiamonD:  HOLLYWOOD (Season 5) – While dealing with a string of family issues – which include a clash of opinions, bad attitudes, jealousy, infidelity, betrayal and fist fights – and taking absolute control of her organization of partnerships, DiamonD is faced with potentials of war over power, territory and love beginning with K`Town`s hot headed Pimp, a Russian crime boss`s egotistical playboy son and a secret affair that threatens DiamonD`s position as Hollywood`s Pimpboss.

The DiamonD:  VEGAS (Season 6 & 7) – The DiamonD finds itself in a state of turmoil after DiamonD presumably kills her husband`s ex-lover – an ex-sex-worker turned high dollar escortee – only to learn that it was an orchestrated hit authorized by a rival Pimpboss to sending a message which turns into a territorial war after DiamonD refuses to disband her string of Escort businesses in Las Vegas thus bringing about a series of events that entangle her organization in a triangle of power, lust and betrayal.

The DiamonD:  EMPIRE (Season 8 & 9) – DiamonD`s seemingly perfect world is abruptly interrupted when a man she thought was long dead walks back into her life and sets off a dangerous chain of events that not only threaten DiamonD’s marriage, her family and her position as Hollywood`s Pimp Lady Boss but a directive Empire to which she stands to inherit in this epic urban shock-drama conclusion of The HUSH Series.

So, and yeah, this is my pitch based on the oldest profession blessed by God, forged by man and pitch-pimped by a woman.



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