Sandra Raine

“SANDRA RAINE” is just one of three pseudonyms for Devlin De La Chapa.

At present, Devlin lives in what she considers to be “the hottest state in the U.S.“  Since then she’s been trying to escape but with no luck!

Aside from writing about gangsters, prostitutes and pimps she also writes about vampires – her second love in the world of urban fiction.  Devlin does have a 2nd book series – VamphoriA – a 7 book adult series with only 3 books having been completed – currently hibernating in her flashdrives for about 10 years, give or take.

Devlin also writes YA novels, some poetry but nothing like Kaur or Bukowski, as hers are edgy, dark and full of rage.

Devlin is a FEMALE.  She is not a male or a “pedophile” so she demands that you get that shit out of your heads. She just managed to stumble upon a sensitive subject and basically took it to the next level.