*about the elusive “Sandra Raine“

“SANDRA RAINE” is just one of three pseudonyms for Devlin De La Chapa.

At present, I live in what I consider to be “the hottest state in the U.S.“ Phoenix, Arizona since I can remember, and since then I`ve been trying to escape but with no luck!

Aside from writing about gangsters, prostitutes and pimps I also write about vampires – my second love in the world of urban lit fiction.  I do have a 2nd book series – VamphoriA – which is a 7 book series that has been pending for 10 years, give or take, in my flashdrive for which of 3 books have already been completed but I`ve been much too lazy or much too busy, also give or take, to pub them; I figure in time I will.

I also write YA novels, some poetry, nothing like Kaur or Bukowski, as mine are edgy, dark and full of rage.

So, a little about me:  I am a FEMALE.  I am not a male or pedophile so get that shit out of your heads!  I do not partake in anything recreational that would jeopardize my “excellent“ writing skills – I`m joking btw!  I graduated High School.  Have one year of college to my credentials but no degrees.  I swear/cuss a lot but told I sound funny when I do – the “F“ and “C“ word are my faves!  I love movies.  I detest shopping unless it`s in a grocery store.  For the longest time I had no credit – existing or revolving – so when I got shot down to buy my dream truck I had to go and get some, and so far it`s been coming along fine.  I am divorced but engaged – 21 years running now.  I have 2 babies (18 & 20) with the same man I`ve been engaged with for 21 years.  I live in a house with a handful of tiny dogs, `bout 45 chickens and one Ornamental Male Turkey all frolicking in my backyard; 2 cats, a Tabby and a Persian, both lounging lazily inside my house; and a big wide world of opportunity & crime just beyond the gateless wonders of my front yard.

In time I shall reveal more.  But in the meantime, go and read one of my books!