The DiamonD Celebrations Collection

a DiamonD Halloween Celebration BC 1

It`s Halloween time at The DiamonD which poses the question of:  Can Hollywood`s leading royal couple – DiamonD & Shane – survive their differences long enough to enjoy it, much less, each other?  

A DiamonD Valentine Celebration BC 1

DiamonD tries to take the lead on planning a romantic Valentine get-away with Shane but feels that everything she suggests, he snubs.  Truth is, Shane already has something special planned – one he feels DiamonD will surely love.

A DiamonD 4th Celebration BC 4

It`s DiamonD and Shane`s first 4th of July and their plans are threatened with Shane`s refusal to leave his hustlin` days behind and DiamonD`s ultimatum if he doesn`t.  Can DiamonD and Shane get past their differences long before the fireworks commence? 

A DiamonD Christmas Celebration BC 1

DiamonD and Shane celebrate their first Christmas at The DiamonD. But will guilt over DiamonD’s affair with Angelo and Shane’s affair with Kandy overshadow any chance of DiamonD and Shane having a Merry Christmas?


A DiamonD Father's Day BC 1

Shane finds himself at a cross-roads with the abduction of his daughter, Lola Jayne as Father’s Day approaches.