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a Whore of words [a DiamonD fitting]

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if you ask me, Mother Goose was just another scapegoat

(Such a poem riffed in simplicity but why does it bring so much contradictories?)   a red Rose is the least of a Child`s interest only that it`s the main color in a box of crayons next to black; and … Continue reading

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“Black Friday“ … (underground poem from 2014)

BLACK FRIDAY @ 4:01 a.m. I awoke to the sound of the alarm, my husband`s voice asking me for a divorce I showered, and cried, got dressed, and cried jumped into my car, and cried, drove through StarBucks, and cried … Continue reading

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poet`cerpt ~ HUSH in The Dark – volume 1

abstract Filth in verses   o                  pen mouth agape jaw detached throat raped forbidden is the hole and ridden is the semen in a porcelain flush bowl long before I felt that bass in your cock       drop … Continue reading

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“HUSH in The Dark“ volume 1

Aside from writing, I do dabble in poetry – poetry which have been published in over fifty online rag`mags or poetry journals – so it was only natural that I pen poems based on The HUSH Series. HUSH in The … Continue reading

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