Blah. Blah. F*cking Blah!

So lately – with writing – I’ve been feeling exactly like the infamous Ms. Greta Thunberg:




I don’t want to fend “Writer’s Block” because honestly I’m far from it.

The truth is I’ve become sluggish with writing.  It almost pains my fingers to stroke keys.  So, I ask myself, am I losing my drive to write or am I just rebelling?

Or worse, becoming bored with it?

Truth be told, it took me a year to write the 14th book in my Ho Hustler Pimp Sindicate Series, LOVERZ & LIARZ – which isn’t really a book at all but a novella – only because I didn’t have the energy or the inspiration to write a really big book – sorry Fans.

Too many distractions, maybe?

Not enough time in the day, perhaps?

Bouts of cerabral fatigue. . .could be?



Fucking blah!

Even managing this site has fallen victim to my:




Maybe I should write something angst?

Maybe I should buy another Betsey Johnson handbag?

Maybe I should read another J.R. Moehringer book?

Maybe I should start up a Bitch-fest blog inundated with bitch lingo, phrases and improvisations?


“Have a bitchin’ day!” “Bitchionare!” “Bitchylicious!” “Keep Calm & Bitch On!” “Kiss my bootybitchyass!” “Bitchtabulous!” “Bitch Wicked!” “This bitch is for you!”  <—–Wow.  Can’t believe I actually threw Budweiser in there!

Anyway, whatever this “Blah” thing is, I’m sure it will come to pass.

In the meantime, I will go about my business.

Continue with book 15.

Stop stressing about my writing world potentially falling apart.

Because I’m like Jackie Collins and I’ve got many other stories to write with my biography the least of ’em all!

One thing is for sure though, my MC, DiamonD is becoming a lot more ruthless and conniving.

Her husband, Shane needs to stop wearing his dick on his sleeve.

Devin needs to grow a pair of manly, hairy balls.

And Blair needs to stop scheming over something she will never, ever have.  Not if I can help it, bitch!


Fire is still there.

Now onto those BITCHEZ & QUEENZ!

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