The HUSH Series

HUSH ~ Book 1

HUSHED ~ Book 2

JANE ~ Book 3

The HUSH Series (contains books 1 ~ 3)

The DiamonD Chapters

DiamonD:  Chapter One ~ Book 4

DiamonDs:  Chapter Two ~ Book 5

The DiamonD:  Chapter Three ~ Book 6

The DiamonD Chapters (contains books 4 ~ 6)

HUSH:  Missing Pieces ~ Book 7 (companion book) to The HUSH Series & The DiamonD Chapters)

The DiamonD Episodes

The DiamonD:  BLOOD ~ Book 8

The DIamonD:  HOLLYWOOD ~ Book 9

The DiamonD:  VEGAS ~ Book 10

The DiamonDVEGAS Revisited ~ Book 11 (companion book to VEGAS)

The DiamonDEMPIRE – Part I ~ Book 12

The DiamonD Empire – Part II ~ Book 13

The DiamonD Episodes (contains books 8 ~ 13)

The DiamonD Rivalries ~ Epic Conclusion, Forthcoming 4/2023

Additional Books

HUSH:  Revised a revised edition of HUSH containing original ending and 20+K words that were omitted to create The HUSH Series.

HUSH Novelettes are story shorts based on key characters in The HUSH Series and how they came to be.

The DiamonD Holiday Collection are story shorts based on The DiamonD’s Holidays

SCARLETTA, The DiamonD’s Triology Tie-in Series, 2020 (update: book 1 available, book 2 & 3 undecided)

The DiamonD Rivalries, final book in the series, Forthcoming

The DiamonD Kings  are story shorts based on the Bodyguards in The DiamonD Saga/Empire, Forthcoming

The DiamonD Chronicles, Forthcoming

World of DiamonD – annex, Forthcoming