buying Indie as opposed to Mainstream, is there a difference?


“So, like, gee, Dear Author, who decided to venture on her own (well, somewhat), I would really, really, REALLY like to buy [ your ] books personally from you but I`m afraid the quality is going to suck.“


Maybe I went a little overboard with that statement but I honestly believe that somewhere in the deep wide web someone has thought exactly that!

Okay, moving forward.

So I guess the question here is, are my eBooks going to lack quality as opposed to them being bought via sites like Smashwords, Kobo, Amazon, B & N?

To answer that very question and put someone`s skepticism to rest, please review 55 sec video below then continue down the post for additional info.


Now that you`ve reviewed the video and do decide that buying from me is harmless, keep in mind that not all devices – such as cellphones – are Kindle App compatible and may affect the viewing pleasure of my books.  To fix or troubleshoot (whichever you`re comfortable stressing over) click HERE and that should help.


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