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“Sampler“ of DiamonDs:  Chapter Two is now available for all the indeci`sers & skepticism`ers at Amazon.  Enjoy!  And if you do and wish to read further on, visit the eBook Store via this site and apply the discount code at checkout (that should tickle you-fucking-pink!)


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DiamonDs Chapter Two Excerpt

I was nervous heading back to the Tracks ‘cause it had been awhile since I’d been out there.  I also noticed that I was a little paranoid too ‘cause every few steps I gave forward I would find myself looking a few steps back.  And it wasn’t like I was new to these Tracks.  I guess it was just the idea of what had happened that unnerved me – that, and Detective Rawlins.

My gut pinched as I crossed Schrader Boulevard, Cherokee Ave, and Las Palmas Ave and back, wondering if I was being stalked by Reggie considering that I made my presence known by the various hos I had passed in which I sensed had ties to Reggie just by the weight of their awestruck faces as I casually strolled passed them, like if they had just seen a ghost, or better yet, dollar signs.  I’m sure that an APB – All Pimps Bulletin – had already been put out way before Reggie failed to shoot my ass.

I decided to take a breather and have me a cigarette near that infamous smoke shop I had beat Lana down in front of.  I figured after we got to Reggie and did away with him, I would then make Lana my own personal bitch as payback for the shit and grief she caused me.

I spotted a couple of young looking girls loitering around the Geisha House.  I could see that they were trying to blend in with the people entering and exiting the restaurant but it was clearly impossible especially the way they were dressed; you could tell they were “working”.  And I don’t think they were local either ‘cause if they were then they’d know that that particular corner was off limits.

I ignored the two girls and continued smoking my cigarette; occasionally looking at my watch; occasionally taking in the commotion unfolding all around me; and the one thing I didn’t do was make eye contact with any men, as well as, the passing cars as I was on the lookout for Shane who would be pulling up to me in a late model dark blue Chevy Blazer that he and Alec, along with Cesar, hotwired from an unsecured parking lot in Little Armenia earlier in the day.

It was just after ten when I decided to toss the cigarette and stop looking for Shane and instead continue on walking but the idea had escaped me when two unmarked police vehicles skidded to a halt in front of World Best Souvenirs with three officers quickly exiting those vehicles, drawing badges and guns and cornering those same two girls who were loitering down by the Geisha House along with one man.

Then, and within seconds, a scuffle suddenly broke out between two of the officers and the man who had made it known – earlier – that he wasn’t about to go down that easy, not without a fight.

I ignored the scuffle and decided to continue moving on.  But just as I was in the throes of uprooting my heels from the pavement to head west toward McCadden, my gaze accidentally faltered back to the scuffle and onto a black Dodge Charger skidding to an abrupt halt in front of the fight.  And just when I thought the worst was about to come to the man slugging it out with the cops, my stomach instantly dropped  and my heart accelerated thus knocking the wind out of me, particularly when Detective Rawlins rushed out of the Charger and quickly pulled his badge from beneath his shirt.

It must’ve been the weight of my gaze that had bore down on him just enough for him to steal a split second glance in my direction.  And it was right then and there when everything around me suddenly went silent:  meaning, the cheer of people; the idle of distinct conversations; the hustle of elements; the flow of traffic; the sound of freedom – I became deaf to it all.

Honestly, I didn’t know why I didn’t just turn a cheek and go about my business when it became clear to me that Rawlins had no clue to who was staring at him.  I mean, it actually took him about a good thirty seconds to finally recognize that that person staring at him was me – Tina Knight.  And it was in those seconds following when I realized just how much-fucking-heat I was in.

“Oh, fuck!” I then mustered just before we both started to run:  Me from him, and him to me.

My heart was racing a thousand miles per second.  And my adrenaline was so through the-fucking-sky that my legs and feet felt like they were literally running on air despite me having to forcefully shove myself through the crowds of people.

Instead of running further west of Hollywood Boulevard I instead rounded the corner of Cherokee Ave and headed south hoping that the diversion would throw Rawlins off.

It wasn’t until a good block down the semi-darkened street however, had I heard Rawlins shout:  “Tina, stop!  Goddamn it, I said stop!  Tina!”

By this point I was swallowing gobs of air trying to keep the oxygen hydrated within my lungs while my fear clung heavy – like weight – in the pit of my stomach ‘cause I could literally see my future, my plan, my Bree slowly pulling from me each leap and bound I gave to keep myself from being caught. . .And then, the unthinkable – or shall I say – the unforeseen of our plan suddenly dashed out of a business alley and screeched to a halt right in front of me; abruptly cutting me off that I lost control of my steps ‘cause instead of coming to a complete standstill I instead body slammed straight into the fender weld of Reggie’s BMW with both Reggie and ‘lil Big scrambling off the sedan; Reggie had a Glock in hand.

“There you are, bitch!” Reggie spat in sheer disgust, picking up his Glock and pointing it directly at me.


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