10 Books, 2 Companions, plus Novelettes = What order do I fucking read these in?


Hey, got your attention! … HeHe

So, lately I`ve been receiving an abundance of emails inquiring about the HUSH books/series and what order they should be read in since it is – and I admit guilt – a rather confusing list as it falls in different subcategories.

So below is the Official List of all the books in The HUSH Series thus far and the order they should be read in.  If something should change, I will post about it.


The HUSH Series

HUSH ~ Book 1

HUSHED ~ Book 2

JANE. ~ Book 3

HUSH, The Series (contains books 1 ~ 3)


The DiamonD Chapters

DiamonD:  Chapter 1 ~ Book 4

DiamonDs:  Chapter 2 ~ Book 5

The DiamonD:  Chapter 3 ~ Book 6

DiamonD, The Chapters (contains books 4 ~ 6)


HUSH:  Missing Pieces (companion book)


The DiamonD Episodes

The DiamonD:  BLOOD ~ Book 7

The DIamonD:  HOLLYWOOD ~ Book 8

The DiamonD:  VEGAS ~ Book 9

The DiamonD:  VEGAS Revisited (companion book)

The DiamonD:  EMPIRE ~ Book 10

DiamonD, The Episodes (contains books 7 ~ 10)


Additional Books

HUSH:  Revised a revised edition of HUSH containing original ending and 20+K words that were omitted to create The HUSH Series.


HUSH Novelettes are story shorts based on key characters in The HUSH Series, and how they came to be.


The DiamonD Chronicles is a new series following the future of DiamonD; forthcoming, 2019.


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