HUSH: Why Pay Over a $1,000 When You Can Pay $50?

HUSH and its Series have come a long way, and never had I thought my books would be worth anything – according to all the negative reviews the series has garnished over the last five years – until I recently learned that The HUSH Series is currently being sold for over $1,100.

Q:  So, should I now consider this a bragging right?

A:  Hell yeah!

But seriously. . .who would pay a $1,000 for a book?  Not me. . .unless it`s rare and a collectible and I knew I`d make back the money further down the road.  I mean, would Jackie Collin’s first ever print book The World is Full of Married Men with original jacket of Author – to which I own, btw – qualify?


So, HUSH fans if you`re interested in buying a print copy of The HUSH Series and don`t care to pay a grand but rather $50 with an Autograph, then you`re more than welcome to contact me @ 

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2 Responses to HUSH: Why Pay Over a $1,000 When You Can Pay $50?

  1. thehushseries says:

    Ailia, I apologize for the inconvenience as this is an error on Amazon’s part. Pages 348 & 349 contain the ending to the book with Page 350 displaying the book cover to DiamonDs. If you can email me at, I can either send you the entire book or the missing pages. Hope this helps. ~Devlin

  2. Ailia says:

    I purchased DiamonD on Amazon and it was missing pages 348, 349, and 350

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