poet`cerpt ~ HUSH in The Dark – volume 1

abstract Filth in versesHUSH_ In The Dark volume 1


o                  pen

mouth agape

jaw detached

throat raped

forbidden is the hole

and ridden

is the semen

in a porcelain flush bowl

long before

I felt that bass in your cock






my tongue guts you

from shaft

to slit

you sputter

and spit

your bruise`y head throbs

and writhes

`neath that bludgeoned tourniquet

I feel your rush

the hustle and flow

I can no longer feel your bass









for my biblical knees

have spun a 90 degrees

where the other awaits

with dessert on his plate

sugar daddy jizz

spoils of bitches

I`s got the itches

but it`s in my glitch     powder shifts

this is the biz

show biz

ho biz

lights, camera, action ~

suck `n blow bitch!


eyes gawk as I cunt squat

upon your golden tower

and drown you

in a golden shower

lubricants in my sunny

jacket yellows

become a political miss

the piss waters sing and

ring around your cock`ring

you want to slip

your ding`a`ling

into my vaginal bling

but I feel not a thing

only the gush and hush

of what makes your dick blush


I want to feel my anal bang

so stop talkin` all that bedroom trash

and get to jackin` on my ass

like porn queen cheap

bung that hole, make it weep

against your cock `n balls

oh, baby, thrust me deep

I want to hear

my gospel walls sing

and my hostile shit scream

right as your slammin` cum

down my chute

and what pollutes

is oh so

perfumed stench pretty

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