excerpt ~ ANNA: girl, GONE


     “What is that?” my mom demanded as she trailed me through the double doors of the bakery.

     I spun around in my stance and snapped “What?!” before reaching for one of the aprons hanging on the rack.

     “Eso?!” my mom fumed, poking a hard finger against the left side of my neck.

     Shit! I gasped as I stepped to the sink which was just off to the right, next to the row of hanging aprons, and stared at the dark red hickey in shock.  I turned back around to explain myself to my mom but that unexpected slap to my face had said what she wanted to say:  She was pissed.

     Then my dad walked into the bakery, and all I have to say about my dad was that he was no pushover as he was as tall as Dent and slightly rounded around the gut.  My mom’s 5’5 thick boned framed was no match to my dad’s strength.  And when my dad had visibly seen what the commotion was all about between me and my mom, he, too, went into a rage.

     But instead of slapping me, he instead grabbed my arm, yanked me into the employees’ lounge, shoved me down onto the sofa and beat me with his belt.  Though it was only a few welts, it sure felt like they were hundreds by the way he left my legs and backside burning.  I mean, I don’t ever recall my dad ever hitting me like that but then again, I never gave him reason to until now; now that I had a boyfriend.

     “Mirame, Anna?” my dad then demanded for me to look at him.  I choked back some of my tears and looked up at my dad fearfully.  I could see my dad’s eyes and they were black as night which meant to me that he could snap at any moment if I didn’t agree to his demands.  “If you don’t stop seeing that mocoso – ” – snotnose in Spanish slang – “I’ll disown you.  And I’ll even take it a step further:  I’ll have the entire familia disown you.  Do you understand me?” And what could I say to that?  I had just turned fifteen.  I had no choice. 

     Dent wanted to kiss the welts and make them go away.  He had gotten so angry with my dad that he talked about killing him.  Though I should have defended my dad ‘cause he was my blood, I didn’t.  I just let Dent say whatever he wanted to say only because I wanted to be with him, and forever.

     Within a matter of a few days, Dent had become my world and I became his but it came with a price:  Dent was twenty-two, and he wanted grown-up things from me like seeing me whenever he wanted and sex.  And it was something I had been thinking about since that day at the park when he had me feel on his hard on, and when he asked if I ever sucked on a guy’s cock – I realized I was ready to do both.

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