breaking from DiamonD: VEGAS to view such a disappointment


As a huge fan of Roseanne, I was gravely disappointed.  I was expecting the re-boot to have shed some light on what has happened over the years, not start off as if the show was in its 2nd or 3rd season.  I mean, there were some issues that I felt were addressed to soon when it should have been a gradual progress thus leaving the audience – a.k.a me – wishing to see more instead of debating whether I should tune in next week or the week after that.


I felt the brother’s David & Mark’s absence not a great move considering that they made Roseanne entertaining and thought provoking.


I didn’t like that the creator(s) made Dan & Roseanne look like a couple of pill-popping-geriatric-co-dependents.  And c’mon!  They`re not that fucking old!


Now Becky wanting to be a surrogate mother. . .seriously?  And what was with Sarah Chalke`s character wanting to eat Becky’s placenta?  Is that really what the audience wants to hear?  And another thing, what happened to her pregnancy with Mark?  Also, how did Mark supposedly die?  God, I hope the creator(s) put a spin on that one. . .Say like an Eddie & The Cruisers type of twist.  But that is probably wishful thinking!


So, what became of Jackie`s baby boy Andy?  And where did Jerry Garcia Conner end up other than on some boat?  I`m sure there will be some answers.


Now onto Darlene and her two kids. . .What`s with the amazon looking daughter and non-gender disclosed son?  That just got under my skin.  I mean, I can understand a bit of slapstick comedy but seriously, putting a 9 year-old boy in a skirt (or was it a kilt?) or in wardrobe that no 9 year-old realistic kid would be caught dead in?  There has to be some boundaries. And I understand that as parents we want to encourage our kids to freely express themselves but how far should that freedom of expression go?  I honestly don’t know about the LGBT community, but I’m sure they even have boundaries for their kids and their adoptive kids – to me it was just a slap in the face.


Now as far as Darlene is concerned. . .I do like her.  But damn!  She needs to get out of all that darkness and be a little upbeat especially as a parent.  But unfortunately, Darlene as a parent just doesn’t suit her or Becky.  I thought Jackie being a parent was obnoxious but Darlene and Becky both take the cake.  But back to Darlene. . .her son is named “Mark“ so I will assume that she did end up with Mark (Becky`s Mark; read bottom asterisk).  Also, there was reference made about Darlene`s “partner“ with Darlene denying that she is gay.  Now there`s a bit of drama.  I could very well hear Gary Marshall`s famous words:  At last!  Drama! which is, btw, taken from the movie Soapdish with Robert Downey Jr.


As for DJ, he should have gotten a little more exposure, remained single and dated.  He`s another that just doesn’t fit the “parent“ criteria.  I mean, the last I saw of DJ he was quite dark in his sense of humor and he had a sort of bad boy image going on which I [personally] thought suited him well.


So, what happened to The Lanford Lunch Box? *(or was that also fictitious?)

What happened to Roseanne & Jackie`s quirky mother, Bev?

What happened to Fred. . .Jackie`s ex-hubby and Andy`s father? *(or was that fictitious, too?)


*Honestly, I still get confused over Roseanne’s last episode, and for those who had never seen the last episode. . .spoiler alert:  The Conner’s never won the lottery.  Becky was actually dating David and not Mark.  Darlene was actually dating Mark and not David – fucking confusing, I know!  Jackie turned out to be a lesbian.  Bev was actually a heterosexual feminist.  Dan never had the affair with his mother`s nurse he instead ended up dying from a heart attack.  Leon & his husband weren`t actually a couple as they had just met in Roseanne`s “real life“.  And Nancy, I forgot if she was real or not?  And lastly, Roseanne did write a book about her family.


All in all, I just felt like the back-to-back episodes were all over the place – kind of like the way one of my unhappy readers said about HUSHED – and I can only hope that they find some order before the show faces getting canned.


In closing, I did enjoy the new sitcom Splitting Up Together and Black-ish`s Easter episode.  At least they made up for the disappointment.





Author`s note:  This review was just my opinion in about a few million, so I don`t expect for anyone to agree or like.  And just like my Reviewers, I am entitled to my opinion, right?  Fucking right. I am!


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