some HUSH angst commentary from an Indie Author

SykesHow do I begin my Sunday morning without sounding like Martin Scorcese and blowing myself up like a blowfish?

The analogy is quite simple:  I don`t know why some readers continue to read the books in The HUSH Series if they`re not content or open-minded to the direction of where HUSH is heading Did they not read my previous post to why I`ve taken HUSH in it`s current direction?

I don`t know what it is exactly that these readers are hoping to find or what they`re trying to accomplish in their search when the outcome is pretty obvious.  So with that said, I wish they would just stop reading the series altogether and move onto something else that is all sunshine, fairy-tale and roses; prim, proper and grammatically perfect.  In other words, I don`t need their negativity fucking up my positive world!

Though it is easier commanded than achieved, the only thing, or the only conclusion my mind can fathom to why I can`t seem to shake these negative readers off my books, is that the entire series must be like some head rolling down the street – you can`t help but to stop and look! 




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