HUSH vs. HUSH: Revised


HUSH original book coverAs HUSH was coming to its final chapter I began struggling with – well not necessarily “struggling“ as I had a pretty damn good idea of the ending I was aiming for – whether to end HUSH with its original ending or with an alternate ending that would leave the story open for a sequel or even perhaps a series?  It was after had I realized what a strenuous story HUSH was to write, due to its graphic nature, had I settled with the original ending as I had no plan on pushing forward.  So in the end HUSH became a stand-alone novel.

original HUSH cover—–^

When I first began pitching (querying) HUSH to Lit Agents, which was somewhere between 2009-2010, had I made a crucial decision to omit some parts and clean-up the story a bit as to not offend Agents with additional graphic scenes and language.  I also decided to do away with the original ending and use the alternate ending in case an Agent offered representation and I could offer a sequel or a series in return.


Though I did garnish some interest with a couple of Agents requesting that I tone down the book (to which I had already done prior to querying), I denied the requests as I felt anything further omitted would only take away from the parable.


hush-series-hush-downAfter 64 unsuccessful queries – minus a few successful ones – or in layman`s term “a shitload of rejections“, and having no success on finding HUSH a permanent home in the Big 5 Publishing Houses, in 2013 I ventured into the underworld of “Self-publishing“ and published the manuscript`s query version of HUSH with revised cover.


In the four years of HUSH`s inception, HUSH has underwent four revisions, meaning, I either added to the story, omitted from the story or touched it up some.


Now four years later, and with HUSH`s growing popularity and maintaining as a Top 10 and Top 50 Best Seller, and to the Fans who didn`t care for a series, I decided to publish HUSH:  Revised, professionally edited with its original ending, and to include all that was omitted prior to querying – thus lengthening the story – for example:


hush__cover_for_kindle-2_LI (2)The prologue.

Missing scene & dialogue from the Frat party.

Missing dialogue throughout the book including some missing scenes.

Missing sex scene between Jane & Henry Church.

Missing scene and dialogue of Dominic preparing Jane`s escape.


… just to name a few.


I don`t know if there is anyone as excited as I am to see where this revised edition of HUSH will go or as concerned if reading where it all started and where it all ends will even make a difference?

Either way, I`m sure it`ll all be goodEmoji girl!


~Good Day to ya, Devlin De La Chapa






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