The DiamonD coming to an end near you


It is official: The DiamonD is coming to its end in The DiamonD Rivalries.


Don’t cry.

Dry your eye.

Because this is just like everything else that needs to come to an end. Like:


Queen of The South

The Ranch



The Sopranos

Selena The Series

Breaking Bad

Beverly Hills 90210

Melrose Place

True Blood

Harry Potter

Ally McBeal

Jackie Collins

just to name a few.

But back to The DiamonD. . .it was unanimous between my Deviled shoulder, my Angel shoulder and me.

So, as of April 15, 2023 DiamonD will be handing over her reigns as Hollywood’s Leading Lady Pimpboss and stepping down in The DiamonD Rivalries which will be scheduled for release on that day (Pre-order is currently undecided). Not to worry, the book will be epic and filled with all the drama & bullshit, lust & descrepancies, taboo & unconventionalities, fistfights & gunfights the entire series is known for.

So, brace yourselves, Fans. . .it’s about to get crazy!

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