The Diamond Kings – a ‘Protect & Serve The Family’ series

The DiamonD Kings BC 1

    ‘Honor To Whom Honor Is Due’ is how I perceive the Bodyguards loyal to The DiamonD, particularly the members of the Diamond Family when I write about them.  Though Bodyguards are often overlooked in many crime novels, movies, TV series, and often go unappreciated for their hard work, dedication and loyalty to their Bosses, I decided to create a series specifically dedicated to them by giving each the spotlight they deserve – good or bad – in part, because we tend to forget that they, too, have lives, responsibilities, families, and weaknesses; in part, because I find the Bodyguards just as appealing and as intriguing and as sexy as the main characters in my novels.

     So I hope you will enjoy reading about them as much as I will enjoy writing about them! 


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