Pre`face on SCARLETTA

SO HOW DOES A GIRL with a doll’s face go from being a beauty queen to a victim, to a slave, to a killer, to a pimp and lastly, a boss?

Perhaps you should ask the one person responsible for taking my doll’s face from me: El Rey, a self-proclaimed drug kingpin and one of Juarez’s most ruthless cartel bosses.

But before you go thinking “revenge” I can assure you it’s far from it.

Because this story isn’t about revenge but power.

This story is about a fifteen-year-old girl and a scar.
And how that “scar” became a blessing.
And how that “blessing” rose to power.


SCARLETTA:  La Muñeca  available now for Pre`orderSCARLETTA LM BC 4 


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