Do you remember when DiamonD met Shane? (Yes. It does seem so long ago, doesn`t it?)

If you`re an avid reader/fan of The HUSH Series then you remember it was in Book #4 DiamonD Chapter One bc`round Chapter 16-17 (it`s still early so my mind is sketchy) when DiamonD was perusing Boys Town in search of Baby Ho Hustlers who she figured possessed knowledge of Felix & Geena`s whereabouts.  But it was when DiamonD was crossing the parking lot of a gas station when she was confronted by Cher, a dyke with a taper fade for a haircut and a persistence that was trying DiamonD`s patience, when out of nowhere Shane Diamond and Alec Pedraza walked into Cher and DiamonD’s conversation had DiamonD and Shane became “Shane & DiamonD“ – it was both hustler-and-ho-love-at-first-sight.

But in spite of their relationship – which eventually flourished into a marriage in Book #6 – having been both tumultuous and unarguably sexually addicting, had they managed to maintain their sanity and their marriage and remain “Shane & DiamonD“. . .but all that is about to change.DiamonD Chapter Three

So now here`s a hint for all you DiamonD addictives:  Do you recall when Shane and DiamonD were in the throes of divorce?  [head nods]DiamonD_ VEGAS BC Update - 1.  And do you remember what DiamonD did with those divorce papers after she and Shane reconciled?  [head nods, some head scratching, forehead scrunching]  Let me remind you:  she taped them back together then handed them back to Stella, The Lawyer to destroy.  Well, my fellow DiamonD`ers, those taped-up/supposedly now “destroyed“ divorce papers are about to find their way back into The DiamonD once more.  Only they`re not going to fall into the hands of DiamonD but of Shane`s.  And you all know what that means considering Shane`s temper right?  It means, all-DiamonD-hell is about to break loose.

So, having stated that with a monkey wrench in hand and a bitch`wicked grin because that`s how my mind works, Shane may not need the forces of DiamonD or the backing of Lucado’s Empirian`s to take The DiamonD as originally planned.

So now the question here remains:  could this bit of fictionality be a twist-of-fate, revenge, greed?  Or could this be where it all ends between Shane & DiamonD forever?  Whatever the outcome, it`s going to be one hell of a ride as Ho vs. Pimp vs. Hustler clash in a game of position and power in the epic conclusion of The DiamonD:  EMPIRE, Part II.EMPIRE II Collage



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