Where`s EMPIRE, Part II?

Though I`d like to fend that both DiamonD & her EMPIRE are on a fictional vacay from EMPIRE, Part II, it`s actually I, their Author, who`s on a “vacay“ – which is code for “break“.

So, yup.  Guilty.  I am on a DiamonD Break.

[Oh, damn!  I hear hearts breaking, nostrils flaring, manicured nails readying to attack]

But honestly, there is no need to fret or try to wring my neck through this post as it is only temporary.  In fact, my pen (or PC) is still hard at work but on a different project:  a new novel unrelated to The HUSH Series which you can view HERE.

At present, I am trying to obtain Representation – which is also code for “Agent“ – but, and like many, many Agents have stipulated via their sites & rejections “is a very subjective business“.  But regardless, I remain optimistic!


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